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[Jinan Machine] Thanksgiving Smelting Execution - The company's first organization execution training successfully concluded

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       At 8:30 a.m. on March 9, 2018, the first organization executive training course in Jinan was held on schedule in the conference hall on the second floor of company A9.  


       The lecture is devoted to enterprise training for more than 20 years, senior internal training teacher Yang. The current training lasted 3 days and 2 nights. Nearly 60 senior and middle-level officials and key personnel of the company participated in the first training. Before Mr. Yang opened the lecture, the company’s general manager Li Mingye carried out training for all levels of the company’s personnel, creating a learning team and an innovative team. The importance and necessity are explained.

       Made things with passion and smelting. "All the world's great professions are rooted in enthusiasm," and smiling faces will be beautiful. People need help and teamwork to collaborate in making things. Collaboration requires communication and communication. Yang teaches them from here and gradually makes them think. Brought into the construction team activities. Serpentine grouping, 20 minutes to complete the team, 6 team PK start.

       Knowledge and respect. People living in the world are social people. They must learn to integrate themselves into the organization, change themselves, use the “heart” to do things, learn to talk about “love” with their own work, do not try to see their own opinions, judge other people’s right and wrong, and gain respect and must first learn to respect. Respect others, respect superiors, know people's strengths, avoid people short, and be good at finding the two white feathers on a crow.

       Chinese classics and restraint. In the course of teaching, Yang Chuanyuan used the “word-solving” method of the image to interpret the wisdom of the sages of the Chinese classics such as benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, and faith. People must learn to restrain their emotions and never forget to pass positive energy and weaken negative things. Only by achieving a balance between family and work and the harmony between individuals and teams can we achieve a happy life and happy work. Only adults can become complete people, but at least it is a recognized mortal. The wonderful explanation won the applause of the students and nodded frequently.

      Hand and responsibility. The left hand grasps the direction and the right hand holds the responsibility. In the well-designed outdoor game “Hands in Hand”, the trainees hand in hand, side by side, climb down, cross the grassland across obstacles, and walk through sandstone caves. Just as there is a life path, there are ups and downs, and we all cross together; if we have difficulties, we will overcome together. In the game-sweeping session, everyone sat together and listened to the teacher. White: We have a pair of mothers who always hold hands and a warm hand on our adult road. We have numerous hands clasped hands and passionate hands on our growth path.

       Reflection and thanksgiving. The evening of the second night took place in the dark. The teacher asked the trainees to reflect on the mistakes of the day. Several trainees were given a name and thought. When everyone was upset, “Family Fa”, the four-point candlelight slowly moved into the classroom, birthday. When the song rang, a car with cupcakes was pushed to the front desk. The “Thinker” was called around the cake. The teacher announced that March was their birthday and the company prepared a cake for them! Sudden applause, happy tears filled their faces, and everyone shared their happiness and cake. Children's birthday, mother's bitter day, thanksgiving to our first life mother, thanksgiving to our second life company.

      Goal and unity. Only the unity of the goal can be achieved, and step by step can advance. Just as the “giant footsteps” of the game are intended to express, the achievement of the company’s annual goals requires a team of ideologically united, consistent, highly-executed and high-performing players. Jinan has a “flag-free victory” !

       At 4 pm on March 11th, with the theme of “Grateful Smelting Execution” as the theme, the first organization execution training course in Jinan was nearing the end. The teacher arranged for the closing of the six teams to report performance. There are singing companies, who share stories, have poetry readings, perform “three sentences”, and finally come to a successful conclusion in the collective poetry reading of “Qiyuan Spring Weida”.

       Wish us the Vectra Group, every flourishing age, the grand exhibition of great achievements, and always take the lead. Wish us Jinan a chance to seize opportunities and create new achievements, leading the industry.