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Jinan holds a 2017 annual summary ceremony

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 On the morning of February 10, 2018, the 2017 General Assembly of Jinan No. 1 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was held in the conference hall on the second floor of the company. Yang Guijun, vice chairman of Shandong Weida Machinery Co., Ltd., Li Mingye, general manager of the company, and Zheng Zhangqiang, deputy general manager of the company, attended the commendation ceremony.

The meeting was chaired by the director of the office, Li Yansheng, and all employees of the company attended the meeting.

At 9:30, the meeting opened with a magnificent national anthem.

At the meeting, the general manager of the company, Li Mingye, made a summary report of the 2017 annual work and conducted a comprehensive review and review of the company's work in 2017. In 2017, under the care and leadership of Shandong Weida General Corporation, under the joint efforts of all employees, Jinan took a machine to adjust product structure, improve product quality, and conscientiously implement “to build a service-oriented high-tech enterprise with the user process as the core”. The business philosophy, through product innovation, technological innovation and process innovation, has ushered in great development in the fierce market competition, especially in the aluminum wheel processing industry. Various operating indicators of the company have increased substantially compared with 2016. Mechanism innovation and corporate culture construction have also made new developments, laying a solid foundation for the company's faster and better development in the future.

In terms of future development prospects and work deployment in 2018, General Manager Li Mingye stated in the report that after the joint efforts and innovation and development of the company in 2017, the most commendable is that all employees in Jinan have full confidence and hope for the future. Gold is precious. In 2018, we must standardize the existing product system, focus on new product development, improve and expand the sales network, grasp the "key users", "professional users", plan production strictly, promote lean production, strictly control costs, and improve management standards. Achieve full-scale breakthroughs, even higher floors. General Manager Li Mingye emphasized that as long as the company makes concerted efforts to tap potential to expand production capacity, improve management, improve incentives, and complete the business goals of 2018, we are confident that 2018 will be a continuous development of Jinan. year.

At the end of the report, the General Assembly gave a grand recognition to the advanced collectives and advanced individuals that emerged in 2017. Mr. Zheng Zhangqiang, the company's deputy general manager, read out the recognition awards, 2 advanced units commended, 2 special contribution awards, 1 innovation contribution award, 12 outstanding management awards, 34 scientific and technological progress awards, and 102 advanced workers.

After the awards ceremony, Bao Hongsheng and Feng Ziwen, who were honored, spoke on behalf of all the award-winning officials and said that they will cherish their honors. From scratch, they will redouble their efforts to make greater contributions to the development of the company.

At the end of the conference, Yang Guijun, deputy chairman of the stock company, delivered an enthusiastic speech. Vice President Yang Guijun first expressed congratulations to the advanced collectives and individuals who had won commendation. He hoped that advanced collectives and advanced individuals who were commended should be modest and prudent, guard against arrogance, make persistent efforts, and create new achievements. Calling all staff and employees to learn with humility and courage Innovation, solid work, daring to be responsible and making new contributions to the company's development.

In the speech, Vice Chairman Yang Guijun introduced the overall operating conditions and outstanding performance of the company in 2017, and analyzed in depth the new opportunities and challenges in the machine tool market of Jinan in 2018. Vice Chairman Yang Guijun pointed out that after the industry synergy and integration and innovation within the group system, Jinan has entered a new period of development, and there is ample room for future development. The company is willing to provide a broader scope for all employees growing with the company. The development of the platform and the stage, I hope that the majority of employees can cherish the opportunity, with the enterprise to develop with a heart, and remodel a brilliant machine! In the end, Yang Guijun, the deputy chairman of the board, wished all the staff a happy Chinese New Year. In the new year, they were in good health, happy, happy, and happy!

The conference ended successfully in the high-end and endeavor "The Song of Weida".