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Change the thinking, improve the quality, and participate in the improvement of excellence. --- Jinan Machine Launches the 2018 Quality Month Event

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On the first day of work in 2018, the launching ceremony of Jinan No. 1 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. "Quality Month Activities in 2018" was held in the large conference room on the second floor of the company A9. All employees of the company attended the launching ceremony.

12:45 pm The company’s Minister of Quality and Security Gao Liankui announced the start of the quality month activity in 2018. Jinan has always attached great importance to product quality and opened up the market with excellent product quality. In order to carry out this quality month activity, Li Mingye, general manager of the company, gave instruction and deployment on the 42nd general manager's office meeting on December 4, 2017, and established an event leading group with the general manager as the leader.

The theme of this event is "Change ideas, improve quality, full participation, and excellence." The purpose is to improve the quality of components, processing quality and assembly quality; improve staff awareness of quality and enthusiasm; so that each employee and each party can improve their understanding of quality, improve the quality of work, and then improve product quality and enhance the company's competitiveness . The time of the event is from January 2nd to January 31st, 2018.

At the launching ceremony, General Manager Li Mingye made a mobilization speech. General Manager Li Mingye mentioned that Jinan Machine had been successfully trialing the first five-axis motor lathe in China since August 1949. It has been attaching importance to product quality for decades and insisting on quality first. The "1st Five-Year" period was identified as one of the "18 Arhat Factory" of the national machine tool; in 1965 it was reputed as "a type of enterprise, a type of management, and first-class product"; in 1984 it was named "Process Sample Factory" of the national machine tool industry; In 1993, it was the first company to pass the ISO9001 quality assurance system international certification in the machinery industry. In 1997, it obtained the standard approval certificate for the products of the Ministry of Machinery Industry. In 2004, it was awarded the title of “Chinese Famous Brand” and “Quality Mianjian Product”. Quality is the life of a machine in Jinan, and it is also the touchstone for a long-term invincible position in Jinan.

Li Mingye, general manager, said that in 2017, Jinan provided a brand-new service by adjusting product direction, improving product quality, and taking customer's process as the core. In the market, especially in the aluminum wheel processing industry, the company took the initiative and the entire company showed a good upward trend. Excellent situation. In addition to the company's continued advantages in the wheel processing industry in 2018, the company's new products in the hub brake hub, brake discs and other industries will also enter the market.

A good market must be ensured by excellent product quality. From the market and user feedback information in 2017, there is still a gap between our product quality and the user's process requirements. Due to product quality problems, our service quality has been discounted in the eyes of users, and the proportion of after-sales services generated has not yet reached the ideal. Within the scope of control. Therefore, it is very necessary for us to engage in a massive mass month activity at the beginning of the new year. We must involve all members, be active and earnest, and indeed achieve practical results. Through the launch of activities, we must establish a long-term quality assurance mechanism and establish the concept of “quality first”. Enhance the quality awareness of all employees so that our product quality will continue to maintain the leading level in the industry. Jinan, a machine on the quality of the product in the past there is a written requirement, "who in the quality of products on a machine's rice bowl, a machine to pick up who's rice bowl," the quality is no small matter, a screw is not twisted in place is a quality accident!

At the meeting, Gao Liankui, Minister of Quality and Security, made explanations and arrangements for the activities of the project in terms of organizational guarantees, quality improvement, inspection and auditing, and evaluation awards. The company also conducted quality training for all employees, from "the impact of the company's product quality," "an old horseshoe is less an iron nail," "the United States Air Force says 99.9% of parachute yields" and "United States "Columbia." The case of the disaster caused by the 0.5% error in the space shuttle's heat insulation tile, explains that quality "zero defect" is our awareness and belief. A working principle!